Handcrafted Throw Pillows

Quick and easy sewing projects get me so excited! I guess that’s why I’ve become obsessed with these throw pillows. It takes 30-45 minutes to create a pillow. Just a few cuts of fabric and before you know it….the project is done.

When making my pillows, I stick with a 16 x 16 square inch stuffing. But a 14 x 14 size will work as well.

There’s a great tutorial online that I found that is great for beginners. And the pillow comes equip with a pocket in the back where you can remove the fabric and wash it if needed.

These pillows work great as gifts. To celebrate the start of the new school year, I made a throw pillow for a group of awesome teachers I know. And since football season is upon us, I made a few pillows for the football fanatics in my life. There are a myriad of fabric you can choose from to decorate your home or give as gifts. I love the pillows I’ve created so far and I can’t wait to make more!

*All fabric was purchased at Joann. The pillow stuffing was purchased at Wal Mart.*

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