My Fancy Cooking Apron

Just recently, my stove went kaput. I wasn’t surprised. After 14 years and 2 busted burners we hauled it away and made room for a brand new unit. Along with a new stove, I got new cook wear. And since I’m being all fancy now in my kitchen, I thought it only proper that I get a brand new apron!

I searched online for aprons and was just about to order one when it dawned on me that I could make my own! Duh!!! It was my intention to create a new apron using this pattern, but I didn’t have enough fabric. So I decided to draft my own.

Even though I’ve been sewing for two years, I still consider myself a beginner. So I was a bit nervous about drafting this pattern. I pushed through my nerves and decided to add pleating and a fused pocket.

Thankfully, everything turned out great. I originally had a denim pocket (with the wrong side of the fabric showing). But I wasn’t pleased with the look of it, so I fused a decorative fabric on top of the denim pocket to give it a softer look.

After it was complete I figured I should give it a fancier belt that the elastic one I originally decided on. So I used some left over fabric from the pocket and sewed it onto the ends of the elastic belt.

In all honesty, this garment looks more like a stylish springtime skirt more than a cooking apron. So, maybe wearing it will encourage me to become a more skilled cook….we’ll see!

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