My New Stove

So, yeah. I got a new stove. And it is magical. Wonderful. Amazing. Well, not really. It’s just a regular stove. But I’ve been cooking on a nearly-dead appliance for about 5 years. So this new one is like magic.

I really wanted an electric one. But the way my house is set up…. I settled for this gas stove and I absolutely love it. Admittedly, I’m a bit obsessed with keeping it clean. I scrub it two, sometimes three times a day. It must stay clean! It must stay clean! It must!

My current cleaner of choice.

My new appliance has given me a better appreciation for my time in the kitchen. I’m enjoying myself a lot more now that I don’t have a big grease monster fire trap stove taking up space. (I would show you a picture of the old one but it’s too embarrassing.)

I’ve dived head first in cooking books and online recipes. Pretty soon I’ll have my own cooking show!