Two Time Loser- Another Sewing Fail

DIY shirt

This must be the week for epic sewing failures because I have floundered twice in less than 48 hours. I’ve had this particular fabric for a few months but could never decide what to make with it. So, I drafted a pattern using one of my favorite t-shirts. And figured this fabric would be perfect for it.

The shirt turned out perfectly. Absolutely perfect. I loved it. It was gorgeous. Really. So why I decided to cut three inches from the bottom I don’t know. (I guess it’s that self-depreciating thought process where I can’t actually bring myself to believe that I could make something so great- so I have to find something wrong with it).

DIY t shirt pattern

After the inches were cut off, I dove deeper into self-depreciation and decided to make the shirt a v-neck. Well, that v-neck turned out wrong. All wrong. I spent half an hour trying to correct the v-neck. But my fabric continually got stuck in the machine and jamming my needle.

After a few tears, a crushed heart and a few expletives, I decided to give up. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t add the three inches back on. And I couldn’t make the v-neck back into a scoop neck. So I folded my cards and walked away.

I’m sure one day I will be thankful for whatever lesson I learn from this episode. Until then, I will mourn the loss of my beautiful shirt .

Epic Sewing Fail

pencil skirt

Devastated would be the proper word to describe my feelings. I had been eyeing this beautiful fabric for weeks. I’d longingly walk past it in the aisle of the fabric store but couldn’t make myself put it in my cart. (I’m not accustomed to paying $16.99 per yard for fabric.)

Then one day I decided to purchase it. I knew I could make something beautiful. Once I got it home I decided to try my hand at a pencil skirt. It would be my first time making one, but I’ve grown comfortable with my sewing skills. So, I knew I could pull it off.

pencil skirt pattern

I cut the pattern using a pencil skirt that is in my closet. This particular skirt is incredibly flattering on me and I wanted to replicate the look.

After cutting, pinning, and sewing the skirt I looked at it with pride. I couldn’t wait to wear the skirt the very next day. But first, I needed to try it on to insure a proper fit. Much to my chagrin, the skirt couldn’t get past my knees.

pencil skirt

I tried everything. I sucked, tucked, and contorted my body in all directions. But the skirt didn’t budge. I was devastated, really. After much debate I figured my daughter could wear it. She tried it on and like me, couldn’t pull it up past her legs. She even tried to make it a shirt, but it got stuck on her head.

pencil skirt

The idea then came to me to simply display it on Miss Gigi Dressform for future inspiration. But guess what….. It was too small to fit on the mannequin! This is a tragedy. I can’t believe this fabric has gone to waste. I need a hug.

*Even though this garment didn’t work out as I had planned, I did learn a very important lesson: In order to make a pencil skirt I must use a fabric with more stretch in it. This fabric would have been perfect for a circle skirt.