My Self-Drafted Shirt

This past weekend I decided to test my skills and create another self-drafted shirt. I’ve made one before and it turned out fabulously. So, I figured I’d do it again.

Using my previously-made shirt as a pattern I measured, cut, and pinned as best I could. They I said a few prayers and took the garment to my sewing machine.

After it was sewn I crossed my fingers and tried it on. OH HAPPY DAY! With the exception of being a little snug in the midsection, the shirt is a success! But I think it’s best if I enroll in a pattern drafting class soon. My luck won’t always be this good.

Creating a T Shirt Pattern

pink and green t shirt

Fire spewed from my sewing machine last night! Well, not really. But it sure was HOT! Boy, have I been sewing (and buying tons and tons of fabric).

t shirt pattern

I have a favorite t shirt. It looks and feels great on me. I love it so much that I decided to test my sewing skills and replicate it. I was a little nervous about making an attempt to create a pattern but since I’ve watched a gazillion sewing tutorials on YouTube, I figured I’d dive right in.

t shirt pattern

I placed the shirt on top of a similar fabric and traced around the shirt with marking pen. Then, I cut it out the two layers and pinned them together. After that I sewed the shoulders and sides of the shirt. And that was it! EASY PEASY!

t shirt pattern

The shirt turned out so well I decided to make another from a different fabric. This time, I traced my outline a little wider to make room for my midsection (which still hasn’t recovered from 3 pregnancies- including two c-sections). I also created a v-neck to give myself more room in the neckline. I added a scarf that I had made a few days prior and VOILA!

t shirt pattern

While these shirts fit me well enough, there are still some measurement issues that need to be worked out. The arms are a bit too snug and I need to add an inch or two around the torso. But I am incredibly proud of my first attempts at pattern! Soon, I’ll be ready to showcase my clothing line (just kidding) !