Two Time Loser- Another Sewing Fail

DIY shirt

This must be the week for epic sewing failures because I have floundered twice in less than 48 hours. I’ve had this particular fabric for a few months but could never decide what to make with it. So, I drafted a pattern using one of my favorite t-shirts. And figured this fabric would be perfect for it.

The shirt turned out perfectly. Absolutely perfect. I loved it. It was gorgeous. Really. So why I decided to cut three inches from the bottom I don’t know. (I guess it’s that self-depreciating thought process where I can’t actually bring myself to believe that I could make something so great- so I have to find something wrong with it).

DIY t shirt pattern

After the inches were cut off, I dove deeper into self-depreciation and decided to make the shirt a v-neck. Well, that v-neck turned out wrong. All wrong. I spent half an hour trying to correct the v-neck. But my fabric continually got stuck in the machine and jamming my needle.

After a few tears, a crushed heart and a few expletives, I decided to give up. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t add the three inches back on. And I couldn’t make the v-neck back into a scoop neck. So I folded my cards and walked away.

I’m sure one day I will be thankful for whatever lesson I learn from this episode. Until then, I will mourn the loss of my beautiful shirt .