Epic Sewing Fail

pencil skirt

Devastated would be the proper word to describe my feelings. I had been eyeing this beautiful fabric for weeks. I’d longingly walk past it in the aisle of the fabric store but couldn’t make myself put it in my cart. (I’m not accustomed to paying $16.99 per yard for fabric.)

Then one day I decided to purchase it. I knew I could make something beautiful. Once I got it home I decided to try my hand at a pencil skirt. It would be my first time making one, but I’ve grown comfortable with my sewing skills. So, I knew I could pull it off.

pencil skirt pattern

I cut the pattern using a pencil skirt that is in my closet. This particular skirt is incredibly flattering on me and I wanted to replicate the look.

After cutting, pinning, and sewing the skirt I looked at it with pride. I couldn’t wait to wear the skirt the very next day. But first, I needed to try it on to insure a proper fit. Much to my chagrin, the skirt couldn’t get past my knees.

pencil skirt

I tried everything. I sucked, tucked, and contorted my body in all directions. But the skirt didn’t budge. I was devastated, really. After much debate I figured my daughter could wear it. She tried it on and like me, couldn’t pull it up past her legs. She even tried to make it a shirt, but it got stuck on her head.

pencil skirt

The idea then came to me to simply display it on Miss Gigi Dressform for future inspiration. But guess what….. It was too small to fit on the mannequin! This is a tragedy. I can’t believe this fabric has gone to waste. I need a hug.

*Even though this garment didn’t work out as I had planned, I did learn a very important lesson: In order to make a pencil skirt I must use a fabric with more stretch in it. This fabric would have been perfect for a circle skirt.

Learning To Sew With Mimi G.

Mimi G Sew It! Academy

My sewing repertoire is growing. Currently, I am able to create fancy pillow cases, infinity scarves, pajama pants and circle skirts. And when the mood strikes me, I can even draft a pattern for a shirt.

Since I took my first sewing class in February of 2015 I’ve expanded my skills by leaps and bounds. So, when Mimi G announced that she was starting an online sewing academy I knew I’d be signing up.

Mimi G is a blogger, business woman, fashion designer, pattern maker, fashionista, teacher and a whole lot more! I’ve been following her for years and was able to meet her at one of her Passion To Profit conferences in Atlanta last year.

Today I began my first online course through Mimi G’s Sew It! Academy and only 10 minutes into the video I’ve learned so much! It’s amazing what you find that you don’t know once things are explained to you.

If you’re interested in sewing but never had an opportunity to learn, or if you want to improve your sewing skills, check out Mimi G’s Sew It! Academy. You’ll be glad you did. Happy Sewing!

Painter’s Tape Art Work

painter's tape artwork

It’s been many months since I’ve painted. My canvases were sitting in a corner idle, collecting dust….until this past weekend. I decided to pull them away from their loneliness and break open a few containers of paint.

painter's tape artwork

I saw this technique on Facebook…or Pinterest…(or some other social media site) where the artist used painter’s tape to create a design. So, I followed suit (even though I couldn’t find my painter’s tape) and came up with this…..

painter's tape artwork

The end result wasn’t quite as fabulous as I had hoped, but I’m sure I can find some obscure location in my home to hang these….works of art.



Third Time’s a Charm – The Circle Skirt

sewing a circle skirt

To use the term “expert” is certainly taking it over the top. But I’m definitely getting the hang of these circle skirts! With each new garment I make, I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my sewing skills.

sewing a circle skirt

This particular skirt turned out heavenly. The last circle skirt I attempted, the one with leopard print, was a bit too short for my liking. So I figured I’d add about an inch and a half to this design.I also cut a few inches from my waist measurement in order to make the elastic band more snug around my midsection.

sewing a circle skirt

And it worked! I’m so very in love with this skirt. The fabric is awesome and it’s just the right length. I’m certainly getting the hang of this sewing thing!

Canvas Clutch

canvas clutch

My purse weighs about three pounds. And it’s not the most organized bag either. I’m in a constant search for ways to get my things in order and lighten my load.

So when I spotted this cute canvas clutch in Wal-Mart I knew it would be perfect for me. It’s made out of a durable material that won’t tear easily and can be wiped clean or even washed in your machine if needed.

This can be used as a make-up bag, a medicine bag, or even a snack bag (if you’re like me and carry lots of food in your purse).

Whatever you decide to do with this bag it’s a steal at $2.97. Be sure to check out the sewing section of Wal-Mart if you want to pick one up.

Organizing With Fabric Baskets

decorative organizational baskets

These organizational baskets are perfect for my home. And the pastel colors will be useful for anyone doing a bit of spring cleaning.

there are so many things that I need to keep around the house but have nowhere to place them. Sewing notions, craft supplies, and even mail would find a nice home in any of these baskets. I could tuck one of these baskets away in an odd corner and it could add a bit of decor while giving me much-needed organization.

I found these beauties in one of my many shopping expeditions at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores. I believe they were on sale for less that $15.00. And there were lots more! Joann had many types of decorative baskets on sale with varied designs. I’m going back soon to pick up a few more to add to my home.

When Your George Foreman is Sick….

George Foreman Grill

This is tragic. I don’t know what to do. Somehow, the oil tray to my George Foreman Grill got stuck in my dish washer and ended up melting from the heat.

If I had known better, I’d have ensured that the drip tray was placed on the top rack of the dish washer instead of the bottom rack…but hindsight is always 20/20.

I’ve searched the internet and found replacement trays for a cost of between 5 and 29 dollars. Of course, I’ll eventually purchase a new one, but I’m stuck mourning the loss of my beloved tray. *sniff sniff*

Leopard Print Circle Skirt

circle skirt

It was love at first sight when I spotted this leopard print in Jo Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I couldn’t wait to get home and make a circle skirt out of it.

Since my last demin skirt is about a half and inch too wide in the waist, I decided to cut a smaller waistband this time around. I am so  in love with this garment! My sewing repertoire is growing!

elastic waistband for circle skirt

In full disclosure, I certainly wish I had added about an inch onto the length of this skirt. Because my bottom is so large (ahem!), it kind of hikes the skirt up a bit in the back. Another inch would have solved that problem.

elastic waistband for circle skirt

But no worries! Along with this leopard print I also purchased yards and yards of a fabulous colorful fabric. So I have another opportunity to get the circle skirt just right.

elastic waistband for circle skirt

New Business Cards

Kozy Kase Design Studio

Tadda!!!!!! Aren’t they the cutest??? I just ordered these awesome business cards. When they arrived I was so very pleased with the results. It was my first time ordering from Zazzle so I was a bit nervous. But they turned out just the way I like them.

Throughout the years, I’ve ordered business cards from several different online sites. Moo, iPrint, Vista Print, and UPrint have all given me excellent customer service and delivered great products.

With this new business venture, I needed a very specific design. After searching on the internet I finally found what I was looking for with Zazzle. The cards took approximately 1 week to arrive. And now, I’m ready to pass out my cards and gain a slew of new customers!

Oka B Shoes

Oka B shoes

A few years ago I was gifted a few pairs of Oka B shoes. I instantly fell in love with the cute designs and bright color schemes of each pair. They have been my go-to shoe during spring and summer months. And talk about comfort! I can’t begin to describe how comfortable these flats are.

Oka B Shoes

Just recently I decided it was time to update my Oka B collection. There were so many choices! Their website is incredibly easy to navigate…making my decision-making much harder. After hours of perusing the site I decided on two pair of sandals.

Oka B Shoes

The black pair would easily go with any outfit. And I have a few maxi dresses that would match perfectly with the green pair.

Oka B Shoes

I should mention the awesome packaging that my order arrived in. I was thrilled to see the canary shoe bags with the elastic ties. They are the cutest!