Learning To Sew With Mimi G.

Mimi G Sew It! Academy

My sewing repertoire is growing. Currently, I am able to create fancy pillow cases, infinity scarves, pajama pants and circle skirts. And when the mood strikes me, I can even draft a pattern for a shirt.

Since I took my first sewing class in February of 2015 I’ve expanded my skills by leaps and bounds. So, when Mimi G announced that she was starting an online sewing academy I knew I’d be signing up.

Mimi G is a blogger, business woman, fashion designer, pattern maker, fashionista, teacher and a whole lot more! I’ve been following her for years and was able to meet her at one of her Passion To Profit conferences in Atlanta last year.

Today I began my first online course through Mimi G’s Sew It! Academy and only 10 minutes into the video I’ve learned so much! It’s amazing what you find that you don’t know once things are explained to you.

If you’re interested in sewing but never had an opportunity to learn, or if you want to improve your sewing skills, check out Mimi G’s Sew It! Academy. You’ll be glad you did. Happy Sewing!

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