Painter’s Tape Art Work

painter's tape artwork

It’s been many months since I’ve painted. My canvases were sitting in a corner idle, collecting dust….until this past weekend. I decided to pull them away from their loneliness and break open a few containers of paint.

painter's tape artwork

I saw this technique on Facebook…or Pinterest…(or some other social media site) where the artist used painter’s tape to create a design. So, I followed suit (even though I couldn’t find my painter’s tape) and came up with this…..

painter's tape artwork

The end result wasn’t quite as fabulous as I had hoped, but I’m sure I can find some obscure location in my home to hang these….works of art.



Organizing With Fabric Baskets

decorative organizational baskets

These organizational baskets are perfect for my home. And the pastel colors will be useful for anyone doing a bit of spring cleaning.

there are so many things that I need to keep around the house but have nowhere to place them. Sewing notions, craft supplies, and even mail would find a nice home in any of these baskets. I could tuck one of these baskets away in an odd corner and it could add a bit of decor while giving me much-needed organization.

I found these beauties in one of my many shopping expeditions at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores. I believe they were on sale for less that $15.00. And there were lots more! Joann had many types of decorative baskets on sale with varied designs. I’m going back soon to pick up a few more to add to my home.

Paris in the Spring Time

decorative Paris trunks from Joann

Audrey Hepburn said it best: “Paris is always a good idea.” And I’m sure that Paris in the spring time is the BEST idea. So, on a recent shopping trip to Joann Fabric and Crafts Store I got my fill of all things Audrey Hepburn with its Paris- inspired home decor.

decorative Paris trunks from Joann

Aren’t these decorative trunks great!!?? I can think of a hundred places in my house to display them. The design is so simple and classic that it makes for a perfect fit in any style home.

decorative Paris trunk from Joann

These trunks are very well made. The handiwork is evident, especially in the details. These decor items are a great way to spruce up your home for spring!

Painter’s Palette Accent Table

It was love at first sight. When I saw this piece of furniture I literally stopped in my tracks. Staring for a few seconds, then inching closer to get a better look, I began to love it even more.

painter's palette side table Hobby Lobby

Isn’t this wonderful? This side table is such a  creative piece! Thoughts swirled in my head as I searched for the perfect spot to put it. My home office? My writing room?

painter's palette side table Hobby Lobby

I’m not sure will it will fit just yet, but you can best believe that I’m headed back to Hobby Lobby today to purchase it.

Decorating for Spring

spring flowersIf my allergy symptoms serve me right, Spring is just around the corner! I am really looking forward to warmer temperatures, sun shine, and cool breezes. To prepare for the upcoming season I’ve begun decorating my home with blooming flowers.

spring flowers

I was absent on the day they passed out green thumbs. So, I’m not much for growing and maintaining live plants. But fake flowers are right up my alley. Michael’s has a wonderful array of silk flowers. Many of them are sold in beautiful vases at a great price. I picked up these cuties and have sprinkled them around my home to gear up for Spring. Aren’t they cute?!

spring flowers

Hobby Lobby Accent Pillow

Image provided by

Image provided by

Growing up in South Carolina, I learned that “y’all” is a standard part of English grammar. I use the word multiple times a day. It’s certainly a regular part of my speech.

So when I saw this pillow in Hobby Lobby I instantly fell in love. The price was a bit steep for my taste ($29.00), so I decided not to purchase it. Once I got home, the only thing I could think about was that accent pillow. I knew I had to make it a part of my decor.

Several days later I traveled back to Hobby Lobby and hoped the pillow was on sale. Sadly, it wasn’t. And I didn’t have any coupons with me, but I purchased the pillow anyway!

Over the past few months, the pillow has decorated several rooms in my house. It started out in our home office. But there’s too much traffic in and out of there, so I decided to put the pillow in a place where no one would touch it a little more quiet.

burlap accent pillow from hobby lobby

I moved it to my writing space, but Mr. Incredible likes to keep me company when I’m working on a manuscript. He would sit on the couch and squeeze the pillow while watching me type. That drove me crazy.   So, instead of in my writing space, I opted for a little, unused chair in the corner of my bedroom that no one ever uses. . Now, my accent pillow sits quietly beside my Little Bill doll. It is the perfect spot!

*I’ll do a separate post on why Little Bill is so special to me.

Organizational Storage Baskets

organizational baskets

There’s a small problem I seem to be having. Well, it’s not really a problem, for me at least, but I have too much stuff. Like, TOO MUCH STUFF, and no place to put it all.

It’s been an arduous task for me to establish order in my home while maintaining my mayhem. There have been several attempts to purge my mess but…I’m a hoarder. (Yes, I reluctantly admit it.)

So, on a recent shopping trip to Joann Fabrics I was delighted to find these organizational bins. Not only are they functional but they are incredibly cute. And they were on sale!!! How sweet is that?

It is so easy to hide my mess organize my things in them. These baskets give me tons of structural options. And because they are so practical and versatile, the bins can be placed any room of the house. I’m glad I stumbled upon these. My life is a little neater because of them.

Fabric Accent Bench

TJ Maxx fabric accent bench

On a recent trip to TJ Maxx in search for a gift for Mr. Incredible I came across this beauty. This accent bench caught my eye and I was spellbound by the fabric. Isn’t it wonderful?

I stood in the aisle like a zombie for what seemed like half an hour. I rubbed my hands up and down the bench, sat on it, stretched my body across it and basically fondled it repeatedly.

TJ Maxx fabric accent bench

Yes, people stared. But I didn’t care. I searched my mind for the perfect spot in my home to place this piece of furniture. Alas, I found none. This past year I organized a major home decorating project. I redecorated 5 rooms in my home and now I have no space to add anything. This bench just won’t fit with the current decor.

Sadly, I left it in the store, but I’m spending time reorganizing things in my house to make this bench fit. I MUST have it!

My Painting Project

painting project- girl reading a book

Painting is an incredibly relaxing pastime. Similar to reading, I become consumed with what I’m working on and block out the world. It allows me to calm my mind and focus on what’s at hand instead of my never ending to-do list.

painting project

I started getting serious about painting last summer. After taking one or two painting classes I decided to branch out and do it on my own. It was fairly simple, buy a canvas, draw a picture, and color it in.

painting project

Now, I’m certainly not professing to be a Kadir Nelson or Ernie Barnes. I’m just a girl who likes expressing myself creatively. And seeing my own artwork lining the walls of my home is incredibly satisfying.

painting project

This particular image I found on the internet and instantly fell in love. I decided to recreate it for my bedroom. It turned out beautifully…much better than I expected. Now, I have a fabulous piece of artwork to look at every day.

The Perfect Accent Chair

writer's chair

How beautiful are these chairs??!! Aren’t they simply amazing? I instantly fell in love with them on a recent furniture shopping expedition. I was intent on finding new bedroom furniture for my master suite, but suddenly became distracted with these beauties.

writer's chairIn case you didn’t know, I’m a writer. So, these chairs with the newspaper clippings upholstery hold a special place in my heart. They would both fit perfectly in my writing space.

writer's chair

I didn’t purchase them at the time, but I can’t get these two chairs out of my mind. I’m trying to re-work the furniture in my home to find a place for both of them to fit. Even though those particular chairs are presently out of stock, I hope they become available by my next visit.  Of course, if anyone wants to buy me a Valentine’s gift, you can get similar chairs here.