Baby Nursery Paintings

Painting has become a big stress relief for me. I find such joy in starting with nothing and ending up with a nice piece of art to decorate my space with. It gives me this funny sense of pride, satisfaction.

So, just recently, when I was having a pretty bad day, I pulled out my brushes and canvases to created a few works of art.

Painting took my mind off my worries  and made my heart smile. After I was done I realized how great these images would be in a baby’s nursery or toddler room. What do you think?

Now, I certainly won’t win any contests for these paintings, and no one will be calling me a modern-day Rembrandt, but I love them. And they look great in my space.


Old Lamp, New Look

Updating an old lamp can be cost effective and fun. A friend of mine needed a refresh to her office and asked me to help her out. The original lamp shade was boring and worn. Since I’m known to have various fabrics laying around, I chose one that would make her space brighter.

I used 3/4s of a yard of fabric with a hot glue gun to make the new lamp come together. After gluing the fabric, I tucked the edges to the inside of the shade and glued them securely. And that was it. The entire process took about an hour. I let the glue dry over night and placed the shade on the lamp stand the next morning! Easy peasy!


*The fabric was purchased at Joann.


Painter’s Tape Art Work

painter's tape artwork

It’s been many months since I’ve painted. My canvases were sitting in a corner idle, collecting dust….until this past weekend. I decided to pull them away from their loneliness and break open a few containers of paint.

painter's tape artwork

I saw this technique on Facebook…or Pinterest…(or some other social media site) where the artist used painter’s tape to create a design. So, I followed suit (even though I couldn’t find my painter’s tape) and came up with this…..

painter's tape artwork

The end result wasn’t quite as fabulous as I had hoped, but I’m sure I can find some obscure location in my home to hang these….works of art.



New Business Cards

Kozy Kase Design Studio

Tadda!!!!!! Aren’t they the cutest??? I just ordered these awesome business cards. When they arrived I was so very pleased with the results. It was my first time ordering from Zazzle so I was a bit nervous. But they turned out just the way I like them.

Throughout the years, I’ve ordered business cards from several different online sites. Moo, iPrint, Vista Print, and UPrint have all given me excellent customer service and delivered great products.

With this new business venture, I needed a very specific design. After searching on the internet I finally found what I was looking for with Zazzle. The cards took approximately 1 week to arrive. And now, I’m ready to pass out my cards and gain a slew of new customers!

Staying Organized with Washi Tape

decorative tape

This is what it has come to…I have to mark my territory. Somehow, some way, my husband takes my chargers and looses them my phone and iPad chargers have begun to walk off all by themselves and get lost. I’m not sure how this happens because, I pride myself on being quite organized. I make a point of leaving my things in their proper places. Otherwise, I turn into a lunatic when something goes missing….and with my chargers, this happens quite often.

So, when a Facebook friend posted a picture of her electronics decorated in Washi Tape I immediately knew she had stumbled upon an ingenious thought. I used her same idea and now my family knows not to touch my chargers because if they do I will scream my head off my chargers will never get misplaced again.

My Painting Project

painting project- girl reading a book

Painting is an incredibly relaxing pastime. Similar to reading, I become consumed with what I’m working on and block out the world. It allows me to calm my mind and focus on what’s at hand instead of my never ending to-do list.

painting project

I started getting serious about painting last summer. After taking one or two painting classes I decided to branch out and do it on my own. It was fairly simple, buy a canvas, draw a picture, and color it in.

painting project

Now, I’m certainly not professing to be a Kadir Nelson or Ernie Barnes. I’m just a girl who likes expressing myself creatively. And seeing my own artwork lining the walls of my home is incredibly satisfying.

painting project

This particular image I found on the internet and instantly fell in love. I decided to recreate it for my bedroom. It turned out beautifully…much better than I expected. Now, I have a fabulous piece of artwork to look at every day.

Garment Rack: DIY

Kozy Kase garment rack display

Sewing has become a bit easier for me. I admit, it was initially difficult. I had the hardest time performing the simplest tasks i.e. threading my bobbin. After watching a plethora of YouTube videos on the basics of sewing and practicing almost daily, I finally got the hang of it.

Wal mart main stay garment rack

I’ve been creating Kozy Kases for weeks now. And these pillow coverings are lining every  inch of my bedroom.  I needed to find an appropriate storage solution for my Kozy Kases so I decided to purchase a garment rack.

Wal mart main stay garment rack

To find what I was looking for, I turned to the internet. I perused Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wal Mart online. While each store had beautiful, nicely-priced garment racks, I decided to purchase one from Wal Mart.

Kozy Kase garment rack display

Initially, I thought I’d have to enlist the help of Mr. Incredible (hubby). I was sure that I needed extra hands to put the rack together. But I was wrong. The instructions were simple and the parts weren’t too complicated to organize. Within less than half an hour, my garment rack was completed.

Now, I have a great space to display my products. Along with the rack, I purchased a few packs of plastic,  clear hangers with clips. The hangers were $.88 for a pack of two. And the garment rack costs $19.98. I quickly ran out of the clear hangers (20 wasn’t enough). So I’m going back to Wal Mart to make another purchase soon.

I love my Kozy Kase display. It allows me to see all of my inventory and reminds me of how far I’ve come since my very first sewing class.

Using Watercolors: DIY

DIY craft project

There were quite a number of DIY projects I took on while designing our new Game Room. I made many trips to Michael’s for my materials. It was a joy perusing the aisles and harnessing inspirations from their craft supplies.DIY craft project

I decided to create wooden signs with the words “GAME ROOM” and “PLAY” to hang on the walls (I must have gotten the idea from one of my many internet searches). The letters were all nicely priced for less that $2.00 each.I was able to find pieces of plywood for a few dollars as well. The paint and brushes I used were already in my stash at home from a previous painting project. I used ArtMinds Tempera paint to color the letters.DIY painting project

The projects were simple enough. I just found a flat, open service to use as my work space. I put two or three coats of paint on each letter, leaving time in between for the paint to dry. And I hot glued the letters on the plywood after everything was completely dry.

The signs were hung with Command adhesive wall hooks. The signs turned out fantastically and took no time at all to create. This was quite an easy DIY project.